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Sourcing Responsible Leather

We are proud to source 100% of our leather from tanneries accredited with the Leather Working Group (LWG) as part of our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices.


The Leather Working Group is an internationally recognised multi-stakeholder community and not-for-profit organisation that promotes environmental stewardship and best practices within the leather industry.

By partnering with LWG-accredited tanneries, we ensure that our leather is produced using environmentally friendly processes that minimise the impact on ecosystems and communities.

These tanneries adhere to stringent standards for water and energy usage, waste management, and chemical handling. This commitment to sustainability aligns with our values and helps us reduce our ecological footprint.


Choosing LWG-accredited tanneries also signifies our dedication to ethical practices. These tanneries prioritise worker safety, fair labour practices, and social responsibility. They provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees and support initiatives that enhance the welfare of communities associated with the leather industry.


We believe in the importance of transparency and traceability in the supply chain, and by partnering with LWG-accredited tanneries, we can confidently ensure the quality and integrity of our leather products.