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Clip Replacement Service

We offer a free clip replacement service on all Buckle braces. We only provide this service on braces that are manufactured by us.

Note that our braces have a signature style, so we can always pick our braces from others.

Our clips are constructed using pressed metal. Overtime, or when braces are used on pants of various thicknesses, the clips have a tendency to retain memory and stretch. We always recommend that if you choose to wear your braces across different types of pants (i.e. slacks v jeans) that you purchase a set for each type.

Our clip replacement service allows you to send in your Buckle braces for your clips (and if required metal adjusters) to be replaced, in order to extend the life of your braces.

If you wish to use this service, please Contact Us first. You will be provided with detailed instructions on what to do next. You will be asked to return the braces to us (at your cost) and provide us with a return, prepaid postage bag so that we can return your braces back to you. Once we receive your braces, clip replacement usually takes between 5-10 working days (plus postage time). For hygiene reasons, please ensure that braces are clean and odourless.