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Australian Made Belts

Australian Made Belts

Our belts featured here are handcrafted in Australia using genuine leather. Many of the processes used back in 1922, when our brand was first established, are still employed today. The crafting of this accessory is quite complex, and it moves through 21 processes before you have a belt. We offer classic, vintage and casual styles - within our wide range, there is sure to be something perfect for you.

Men's Belt

A belt is a unique accessory – it has your back, your front, and your sides. The best men’s belt serves both functional and decorative purposes, regardless of its size or form. Here are Buckle | 1922, we’ve handcrafted a diverse collection of pieces that every man will love to sample. We are a proud, Australian-owned business, specialising in leather belts whose quality and design are made to last. If you are looking for a men’s belt online, we guarantee you can trust our products - just like the generations of Australians over the past century

Belts for Every Style

Wearing a belt is about style as much as function. Here at Buckle | 1922, we understand that men shop belts for different reasons. Some want belts for their special occasions, others want to spice up their everyday smart casual look, and others simply want to express their character. Therefore, we aim to offer the perfect item for every man’s style and for every event’s function. Shop our extensive selection of dress belts, business belts, plaited belts and more on our website. Extra large sizes are also available so you can acquire the perfect finishing touch for your customised outfit.

Quality Belts

At Buckle | 1922, we don’t make any compromises in the pursuit of quality. We understand that when you invest in an accessory, this is with expectations of long use and enjoyment. This is why we strive to offer the quality of handcrafted products that has satisfied Australians for generations. Over time, we’ve developed a range of diverse styles all adhering to the same standard of quality, whether it be dress, business or casual. These are made from the very best materials, whether it’s genuine Italian leather or Belgium elastic, so that you can make your personal statement with the perfect accessory.