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Australian Made Braces

Our braces are handcrafted in Australia using the finest elastics sourced from Belgium. We offer a multitude of plain colours or fancy patterns, with new releases several times a year, so be sure to check in to see what is new.


Clip replacement service.

More often than not, the elastic on our braces will outlast its' clips. At Buckle, we are all about being sustainable, and we also stand by our product. Therefore, we offer a free clip replacement service for the life of our braces. Contact us if you want to replace your clips (or adjusters). We will provide you with instructions on how to return your braces. This service is only available on our braces and takes 5-10 working days. Read more about this service here.


X-back vs Y-back.

Our braces are available in X-back and Y-back variants; this relates to the shape of the back of braces when worn. Although it is a personal preference as to which type of back will suit you best, we recommend selecting X-back if you require additional support and comfort from your braces. Please note that X-back braces are available in 25mm and 35mm widths, whereas Y-back braces are available in 35mm widths only.


Leather ends vs Nickel clips.

Our braces come in two end finishes - leather ends and nickel clips. Leather ends, otherwise known as "button on braces", fit to buttons sewn on the waistband of men's pants. Nickel clips are our standard end and feature a pressed nickel clip that clamps onto the pants. These clips feature plastic 'teeth', which do not damage or mark pants. In addition, both styles feature nickel adjusters, which allow you to fit your braces perfectly.


Braces widths.

Our braces come in two widths: 25mm and 35mm. If you require additional support and stability from your braces, we recommend selecting the broader width.


Why own more than one pair of braces?

If you elect to own a pair of braces that feature nickel clips, we highly recommend that you invest in a few pairs, one for each type of pants that you wear. Nickel clips have what we call "memory". Over prolonged wear, the clips will stretch to the thickness of the fabric on the pant's waistband. This can become problematic, especially if they are worn one day on a pair of thick jeans and then another day on a thinner pair of slacks.


Commonly known as "suspenders", our premium Australian-made braces have become a staple addition to every modern gentleman's wardrobe. Buckle's Australian-made braces collection comes in various colours, patterns, and styles. Our braces are handcrafted in Australia using the finest elastics sourced from Belgium. We offer many plain colours or fancy patterns that can be fitted with leather ends or nickel clips. Braces are available in X-back and Y-back and two widths (25mm and 35mm), helping you to choose your mode of stability and comfort. Shop our online store today for Australian-made braces to compliment your next outfit.

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