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Bow Ties

Bow Ties

Elevate your style with our exquisite collection of bow ties.

Whether you're attending a formal event or want to add flair to your everyday look, our bow ties come in various colors, patterns to suit your ensemble. Each bow tie exudes elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. Discover the art of timeless fashion and redefine your outfit with our premium bow ties.

Which bow tie is best for me?

A floral bow tie serves as an ideal option to introduce a burst of colour and flair to any ensemble. They blend perfectly during the spring and summer seasons, as well as at casual and outdoor gatherings. They may even simply suit your own personality and fashion sense the best. The lively patterns found on a floral bow tie make a bold fashion statement, especially when paired with well-suited formal shirts, resulting in a captivating ensemble.

Conversely, a cotton bow tie is known for its versatility and comfort. A carefully chosen cotton bow tie can harmonise with any outfit, be it a casual gathering or a formal corporate event. Breathable, easy to clean, and offering a matte finish, cotton bow ties contribute to a relaxed aesthetic in any attire.

A classic plain white bow tie or black bow tie, stand as a classic choice. The black bow tie is the traditional all-occassions bow tie to keep in your wardrobe. A white bow tie exude a comparable level of sophistication, often reserved for extremely formal events or weddings.

In regard to weddings, the groom's selection of a bow tie can establish the overall tone of the event. Consider a pastel pink or blue bow tie for a summer garden wedding, or opt for a luxurious silk bow tie in deep hues for an evening reception. The key lies in coordinating with the wedding theme and the bride's attire.

Complete your outfit

Completing an outfit with a bow tie extends beyond the tie itself. Accessories such as pocket squares, braces (or suspenders), and cufflinks can elevate the overall aesthetic. A pocket square that aligns with or complements the bow tie introduces an extra layer of sophistication to any suit. Naturally, we offer a wide selection of matching bow tie & pocket square sets. Suspenders, with their vintage appeal, create a dapper ensemble when paired with a bow tie. Lastly, though modest in size, cufflinks provide a subtle completion to an outfit. 

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