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Men's Auto Belts

Invest in a product which looks like a classic and fits like it was made just for you. The innovative design of our men’s auto belts allows you to freely adjust your belt size without the need for holes. The buckle catches on the row of notches on the underside of the strap, allowing it to automatically lock in for your perfect fit. Handcrafted with genuine leather in Australia, this belt will also make the perfect gift for those whose sizes you aren’t sure of, such as family, friends or colleagues.  

Ease of Use

A belt should take minimal time to put on while also tying everything else in the outfit together. This is why our automatic buckle belts are designed to streamline the dressing process, producing a seamless fit that optimises its ease of use. Simply slide the belt into the buckle and pull through. The innovative buckle will then auto-lock the belt by catching on strap notches. When you want to take off the belt, gently push the belt’s lever on the buckle’s side for the grip’s release. The lock will snap, proving how effortless the dressing process is for a smooth and sleek look. 


The easily-removable buckle of automatic belts allows you to adjust your belt to the ideal size. If you feel that the belt is longer than your preferred length, please simply remove it from the buckle and use scissors to cut it – instantly, you have a custom-tailored appearance.  Our auto belts utilise notches sewn onto the underside of the strap instead of holes which can become worn out and stretched. Shop our collection of automatic men’s belts, lovingly handmade with genuine quality leather, for your perfect fit today.