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Our Story

Crafting Australian Heritage Every Day.

At Buckle, our values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in building a great team that works together like a family. Creativity thrives here. Our great culture fosters respect for each other which filters into our work.

We love what we do.

Our passion for quality is evident in the care and attention to detail. We take pride in our work, ensuring it's high-end, classic, and of the best possible quality. We are always learning and evolving, building on our collective knowledge and experience. We learn from each other, contributing and sharing knowledge and capabilities, as we multi-task across different areas of expertise.

We are proud to be crafting Australian heritage every day.

Each product we create is authentically Australian, deeply rooted in our country's heritage and story. Our Stanmore facility is recognised by Ethical Clothing Australia. Overseen by the TCF and CMFE Unions, the accreditation is awarded annually after a social audit critiques our ethical practices right through our supply chain. The audit also reviews wages and other entitlements in accordance with the TCF Award, working conditions and staff contentment. Only companies which manufacture goods in the Australian TCF (Textile, Clothing and Footwear) sector can obtain such accreditation.

We only source responsible leather.

We are one of few Australian company to source 100% of our leather from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries. We are big on only sourcing responsible leather. Leather Working Group champion: environmental stewardship, including water treatment and management initiatives from the tanning process; sustainability and traceability standards; and best practice in leather production.
It is important to note the leather we purchase is a by-product of the meat industry and we do not use exotic skins to make our accessories.

Our authenticity is what sets us apart.

We come from a long and respected 100-year story, and our products are born out of a deep reverence for our heritage. We value our customers and their stories and strive to deliver an experience that reflects the integrity of our Australian-made products.

Our transparency extends to our supply chain and the leathers we buy.

Our leathers are regularly and independently tested in one of Australia’s leading NATA-accredited laboratories. We test for composition and leather quality as well as colourfastness and wear testing against ISO standards, providing our customers with confidence. Trust is fundamental to our relationships with our customers. We are honest and transparent in our dealings, dependable in keeping our promises, and trustworthy in our approach. The integrity of our service is something we stand by, always.


About Us.

At Buckle, we are proud to offer Australian made belts, braces, and accessories that are not only stylish but also of superior quality. With over 100 years in the making, we have perfected our craft and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products.

Handcrafting accessories is a way to preserve traditional skills and techniques. Our craftspeople are passionate about passing their craft down to the next generation and keeping these skills alive. Overall, the continued popularity of handcrafted accessories in Australia is a testament to the country's dedication to quality, sustainability, and tradition.

Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional service to our customers. We work hard to ensure that every product we make is of the highest standard, so you can feel confident in your purchase. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that we service over 1200 retailers, including well-known brands such as Myer, David Jones, and The Iconic.

In addition to our own products, we also offer private label accessory options on behalf of many Australian and international brands. Our versatility means that our products can be worn from the city to the country, making them a wardrobe essential for any occasion. We pride ourselves on being an accessible one-stop-shop, offering a wide range of accessories that will take you where you want to go. Whether you're looking for a new belt to complete your outfit or a stylish pair of braces to add an extra touch of flair, we've got you covered.

Our Story.


Buckle was founded in 1922 in Surry Hills by Sandy Buckle, his son Alick, and Alick’s best friend Lawford Richardson. The business began by importing women’s undergarments such as boning for corsets and clothing. Sandy and Alick possessed the motivation and business savvy, while Lawford was a skilled accountant, which made Buckle a powerful force. During this time, the Australian manufacturing industry was still relatively young but was prospering. The end of the First World War brought optimism both for consumers and industry, and the post-war boom in the world economy meant new opportunities for Australian manufacturers.


Buckle was called ‘A.Buckle & Son’, in the hope that Alick would have a son. Soon after, Alick’s daughter, Peggy was born. All leather and elastic were sourced locally in surrounding suburbs such as Tempe and Chatswood to service Buckle’s Surry Hills factory on 414 Elizabeth St, Sydney.


Alick became the Mayor of Mosman and was already successful and well regarded in the local community. His plaque appears at the foot of Bathers Pavilion on Balmoral Beach recognising his service to the community as well as acknowledging his commitment to the beautification of this region.


The business starts producing leather belts to meet the changing demand of fashion.


The early stages of globalisation began with production and manufacturing shifting offshore. It was in 1960 when Buckle started its relationship with a Belgium elastic maker. Buckle then began to produce braces in a range of stripes and colours and in widths of 25mm and 30mm.


Alick Buckle passed away in 1965. His daughter, Peggy inherited the business and alongside her husband, Rex, they together managed the business.


A. Buckle & Son had been duly elected a full member of the Chamber of Manufacturers of NSW. The factory moved from Surry Hills to Summer Hill, in Sydney’s inner west. In this time, Buckle manufactured belts and braces and produced a myriad of brands, some of which corporate and private label customers were involved with. Shortly after, Peggy's son, Paul started to manage the business.


Peggy, alongside her daughter, Jacquie established Ecclisse – a successful women’s brand consisting of clothing, jewellery and accessories stocked in Myer and David Jones and featured in Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. 


Buckle established Smith Street, a fashion-forward men’s label that offered a collection of men’s clothing for savvy, fashion-conscious men aged between 25-35. It made regular appearance in publications such as Cleo, Cosmo and the Daily Telegraph to name a few.


Buckle was acquired by Heritage Accessories Pty Ltd via a management buyout that placed all brands under one roof.  The following year saw the business relocate to Stanmore, in Sydney’s inner west.


The business is directed by Melissa Gibson and Warren Sanders and employs more than 25 staff to service over 1200 retailers including Myer, David Jones and The Iconic. Buckle also manufactures private label accessories on behalf of many Australian and international brands.