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Men's Full Grain Leather Belts

Men's Full Grain Leather Belts

A collection of full grain leather belts, lovingly handcrafted in Australia with quality in mind. Vintage options come with 38mm straps and are made to age beautifully with natural grains and textures deepening with wear. Embossed belts are also available using the same full grain leather, enabling natural highlights and lowlights to appear.

Buffalo leather

If you are looking for a single hide leather, but prefer a polished look, choose styles constructed using our buffalo leather. This leather moves through a process where imperfections are removed and then colour is applied. No natural features are present. Available in both black and brown and in the following widths: 30mm, 35mm and 38mm

Bridge and Vintage leathers

These full grain leathers, both originating from buffalo are our most natural leathers. Like a fingerprint, each piece is unique featuring heavy grains and imperfections. Both these leathers are veg-tanned and will continue to soften over time and age beautifully. The Bridge leather has a more uniformed look and grain, whereas the Vintage leather has been moved through an additional 'tumbling' process to further distress the leather. Available in 38mm width only.

Embossed Bridge leather

We have taken our Bridge leather, and moved it through a heated roller to create patterns that are pressed into the belt. The heat from the roller brings out highlights and lowlights from this leather. Once again, this leather will continue to soften. Available in 35mm width only.