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Plain Coloured Bow Ties

All bow ties from our plain coloured collection are supplied with a complimentary pocket square. They measure 12-13 cm across the front (depending on what fabric is used). Our bow ties feature a T-hook mechanism (rather than a clip or slide) which means that they do not loosen through the day. Adjustable sizing fitting neck sizes 39cm to 52cm.

Plain coloured bow ties bring a coordinated look to your formal or semi-formal ensemble. Each tie comes with a complimentary matching pocket square to simplify the process of coordinating your overall look. With end-to-end measurements of 12 to 13 cm across the front, these ties offer a classic appearance that works well with formal or semi-formal attire. Pair your bow tie with an Australian made belt, then add cufflinks for even more elegant coordination.

A Variety of Plain Coloured Bow Ties

When you're choosing between solid coloured bow ties, you have a wide range of shades to pick from. Men's plain-coloured bow ties in traditional black and white add a timeless look to tuxedos and dinner jackets. For more formal occasions, consider a formal bow tie or a diamond-tipped bow tie. A plain coloured bow tie helps ground the look of a patterned suit, or it can serve as a counterpoint to the shade of your dress shirt.

Match your cummerbund with a red or navy bow tie, or add a bit of dazzle to your outfit with a silver tie. There are also a variety of textures for you to choose from, including satiny materials and tight-woven fabrics. A fashion bow tie adds extra impact to your more casual everyday outfits, and bow ties are suitable for everything from office wear to dance parties.

Comfort and Convenience

Plain coloured bow ties from Buckle 1922 offer comfort and convenience in addition to great looks. These ties are adjustable to comfortably fit neck sizes from 39 cm to 52 cm. They also use a T-hook mechanism instead of a clip or slide closure, so you can rest assured that your tie stays tightly in place throughout the day. Give us a call on +61 2 9557 5688 or fill out our online contact form if you have any questions about our bow ties or other men's accessories.