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Formal Bow Ties

All bow ties from our formal collection are supplied with a complimentary pocket square. They measure 12-13 cm across the front (depending on what fabric is used). Our bow ties feature a T-hook mechanism (rather than a clip or slide) which means that they do not loosen through the day. Adjustable sizing fitting neck sizes 39cm to 52cm.

Formal bow ties bring style and sophistication to your outfit, regardless of whether you're attending a wedding or serving as MC at a charity event. Measuring 12 to 13 cm across, these ties make a distinct impression while delivering a classic profile on your neck.

Create a Cohesive Look

When you're dressing for a formal dinner or preparing for a party, a formal bow tie puts the finishing touch on your upscale ensemble. All of our men's formal bow ties come with a complimentary pocket square to ensure a sleek, coordinated look. Consider a diamond-tipped bow tie for added drama.

Comfortable Formal Bow Ties

Comfort is as important as looks when you're spending the evening formally dressed. Adjustable neck sizing ranges from 39 cm to 52 cm will ensure a perfect fit on a wide range of body types. A T-hook mechanism keeps the tie secure without any loosening throughout the day, making these ties perfect for long periods of wear.

Attractive Colours and Patterns

Men's formal bow ties come in a variety of colour and pattern options to make matching your tuxedo or suit simple. A classic black tie makes a dramatic statement, while white bow ties lend a timeless look to your most formal outfits. When you want to add an extra flair to a semi-formal outfit, consider a plain coloured bow tie in red, grey or navy. Gold and silver fabrics lend a metallic element to your overall appearance. Pinstripe and paisley options let you customise your outfit even while choosing traditional colour schemes. Basket patterns and dots on your bow tie add charm to a formal suit, while fashion bow ties work with more casual attire.

If you're searching for formal men's bow ties online, Buckle | 1922 can get you ready for any occasion. For questions about our bow ties and other accessories, fill out our online contact form or call us on +61 2 9557 5688, and we'd be happy to discuss our products with you.